Hey there Poké Trainers!

Here at Shadow Box Collectibles, Pokémon and other trading card pack openings are streamed live on Twitch.tv/ShadowBoxCollectibles!

Just what exactly is a "Opening" you may ask?

An "opening" is when you purchase a physical pack(s) of trading cards and rip them open to find the *hits LIVE on stream.

*Hits include anything above a holo (EX, GX, V, VMAX, Baby Shinies, etc.).

Group Openings

These types of openings typically have 10 spots available depending on the set or items within the opening. These spots will be labeled with a "type". These types include: Grass, Fire, Water, Electric, Fighting, Psychic, Dark, Steel, Colorless, Trainer, and Fairy/Dragon (In 11 spot openings.) Once all spots are filled the Type List and the Name List will both be randomized. At the end of the randomization your name will correspond to the type you receive.

All hits will be distributed to the Name List according to their respective types.

When Fairy/Dragon types are not listed for openings with 10 spots they will be randomized and given to someone who did not receive a "hit" during the opening.

You may trade types with other people within the same opening.

If you purchase a spot in a group opening and it does not fill you may either have your spot carry over until all spots are filled, or request a refund.

Hit Rotation Opening

The Hit Rotation Opening has 8-9 spots. All spots are randomized and assigned a number which correlates to your spot in the rotation. (Example: The first hit goes to Spot 1, the second hit to Spot 2, so on and so forth to the last spot.) After the last spot receives a hit the the rotation restarts and is followed until the opening has been completed. This style opening ensures everyone will receive at least one hit.

Blind Hit Rotation Variation

The Blind Hit Rotation Variation opening is the same as the rotation opening only the spots are redacted before being randomized. At the end of the opening each spot is uncovered one by one to reveal the recipient of the hits. This style opening ensures everyone will receive at least one hit as well as a level of suspense.

Want to participate in a Break?

Check out the Personal Openings or the Group Openings page to purchase sealed booster packs to be opened LIVE. "If your feelin frisky, why not try "The Risky Business Card Draw". Where the fun never quits, when you're guaranteed the hits!"

Packaging & Shipping

Due to the pandemic and shortage in supplies all Full Art cards or better will be sleeved and placed in a Top Loader. Please visit the shipping page for more info.

Shipments go out on Mondays.


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